My Environment is…

Everyone has their own idea about the environment and how it relates to them. To me the environment is the outdoors and constantly changes with the seasons, each a different stage. Currently the environment is in the last stage before a new beginning, its asleep so to speak. Summer is when I connect most with the environment, mostly because its easier to sit outside and just be one with the surroundings. When ever I have the chance I’ll take a 10 minute walk from my campsite to the lake at Kenosee and spend time watching the water and birds, and if I’m lucky enough the odd fish. I get to watch the fishermen come before the boats start loading in the water and witness the circle of life as they catch there food.. or send the odd fish back, letting it grow. I see how no matter what humans do to distance ourselves from nature we depend on the environment.

Just like how Kimmerer feels at home while in the forest backpacking and connecting with nature through song.. I get a a sense of belonging while sitting by the water early in the morning at Kenosee Lake.


When it comes to educations Orr has pointed out certain myths what makes them so. One that stood out is the first one saying that ignorance is a solvable problem. There will always be ignorance in the world but as the human race we are pushing to eliminate it and one way that I hope to do so is by bring the environment into the classroom, or taking the classroom into the environment.


Paige Lyons


2 thoughts on “My Environment is…

  1. Great post Paige! I agree that I connect more with the environment in summer also. I challenge you to find more ways to feel that connection with the environment this winter. Like you said the environment is asleep, but our connection with it does not have to be on hold until it warms up outside again. I like that you added that you hope incorporate the environment into your classroom and to take your classroom into the environment!! I also like how you added that we depend on the environment no matter what we do to distance ourselves from nature. Orr restates this idea and gives an example from an environmental education standpoint:
    To teach economics, for example, without reference to the laws of thermodynamics or ecology is to teach a fundamentally importance ecological lesson: that physics and ecology have nothing to do with the economy. It just happens to be dead wrong. The same is true throughout curriculum. (12)

    How else could you maybe link this thought of human dependency on the environment to Orr’s writing?


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