Open Letter

Open Letter to Eco-Literate People

What does eco-literacy mean to you? To me
it’s not just knowing what is happening around you. It’s being aware of your environment and helping it as it helps you.  It’s about realizing how we damage nature and deciding to change our habits to try and repair it. Over all it’s understanding how we are a part of the environment and our influence over it.

How can we improve our connection with the environment? With constant technological breakthroughs we continue to lose our connection with nature. What do you do to reconnect to your roots with the environment? Do you give back by planting trees, or maybe you spend your afternoon picking up litter. Whatever you choose, think of the ways you’re helping the world for generations to come.

Who are you going to pass the ability to be eco-literate onto? Will you choose to bottle it up inside and stand back, you do you share your knowledge with your family and friends? Remember that the planet cannot speak for itself but you have the power to talk for it. The environment has given so much, it’s time to start giving back!


What does eco-literacy mean to you?


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