Coming Together – Ecoliteracy Braid

It was difficult to only pick 2 other letters/poems because everyone has done such a great job speaking to ecoliterate people. Eventually I was able to narrow down to Mikayla’s letter and Diana’s poem to compare to my own letter. The reading from class, The Sound of Silverbells, also ties in nicely with these letters and poem.

Each of these works has a different view on the environment and how ecoliteracy can change that view. While Mikayla talks about the potential beauty that the environment has, Diana talks about the grim reality of overusing natural resources. Both of these views are at opposite ends of the spectrum but both hold the truth within them. The envrironment will always be there in one form or another and the planet will continue to exist long after humans are out of the picture. The only thing is we have the power to decide how the Earth will end up and the way we control the sustainability. We decide if we use up all of the resources and leave the planet a barren waste land. (It will eventually heal itself and start a new life system). The world as we know it now will be gone forever and eventually be what destroys us but is what our current path is leading towards. The other option is looking at nature and learning to read it and not take more resources than we need. Instead of always taking we need to give back a little bit too. The planet doesn’t care how we leave it in the end, we’re the ones who are affected with outcomes.

Although these are two views at opposite ends of the spectrum anyone who is ecoliterate should be able to see how the environment is represented in both pieces of work. My own letter asks how we are able to turn away from the destructive path we are on currently and instead of taking more than the environment can give we start to find ways of understanding what the environment needs. We need to be able t read the skies to know what the day will be instead of knowing its going to be a hotter year than the last. Just like the Silverbells story we need to spend time and nature and find a way to connect with it instead of knowing the latin names for all the animals and plants. We need to remember that we are a part of the environment and we only hurt ourselves by taking too much.


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