Creative Journal (3)

Wilderness. This has been a big topic in our class lately and I never realized how much it differed between people. While some people may believe that there is no wilderness left or that the moment a person steps into an area it is no longer consider wilderness. However, I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I believe that wilderness will always be there and despite everything people do to “tame” It Will Always Be There. .
The moments that I feel closest to wilderness and truly connected with it is during early morning hikes through Moose Mountain Provincial Park. Before anyone else is up I like to crawl out of the bushes (where my brothers love to set up the tent) and start my hike from Fish Creek to Little Kenosee. I feel like I am one with the wilderness as I walk through knee high grass and cut through clusters of trees.
Just because I don’t always feel that strong connection with the wilderness all the time doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. I get a happy reminder that wilderness is always there when I see a small plant pushing up in a sidewalk crack or see a bird or butterfly fly by. As a “wild child” having these reminders is comforting and reminds me that the Wilderness is always here.


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