Story Time (4)

Spending so much time outside as a child gave me a lot of time to find special places. I am lucky enough not to have just one spot that’s dear to me but multiple across many locations. Not only is Moose Mountain Provincial Park a special area to me but I consider my grandparent’s farmland a very special spot.
Growing up I spent a lot of hours sitting in the open farm-yard with grandma’s old dog and just watching birds and rabbits. At the time I didnt know it but looking back it was a lot like practicing stillness. Another spot would be jumping along the lines of bales with my cousins. We would walk to the field beside the house, through the bush and around the slough we reached the bales and would spend the entire afternoon chasing each other on top of them.
These are both special spots to me but one that I really think about that really connects to the environment is a drive through a field further from the house. If you didnt know to look for it you would never be able to find the old stone house in the trees. Every time I’m able to make my way out there I feel how the owner was connected with the environment and used the most of what he could get without taking more than he needed. Seeing how someone had that connection with nature in our material world (he was a family friend and lived there until he was no longer able to live on his own) really make me think in ways I can form that same connection with the land around me.


Edit : Forgot Visual that goes with 



One thought on “Story Time (4)

  1. Hello Paige, I really enjoyed reading your story about the farmland of your grandparents because I relate to that as well. My grandparents live on a farm and I spent a lot of time out there. The story I wrote about was their farm and the pigs they raised. I am interested in seeing the visual you have done. Very well done!


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