Final Reflection



*Bird sounds*

for me this class has been a roller coaster. before stepping into the classroom i had an idea of what this environmental science class would be about. yet within the first couple of classes i quickly learned that my original ideas were way off. instead of memorizing the names of trees found around campus, we explored them. and not explore as in the sense of climbing or chopping them down. but rather sit with it and think about how i affect it and it impacts me. as class continued i found myself thinking in new ways. of my every day actions. im not saying that every time i turned on a light switch i worried about how long it would be on and if it would cause another hole in the ozone layer. but i did start to become more aware of my actions.

*bird sounds*

making journals and other blog posts was a challenge for me. ive never been good with technology and learning how to blog was a whole story itself. but now, at the end of the course it’s a great way for me to look back at what i thought throughout and how it changed as class progressed. now that i know what im doing when i blog, i hope to be able to use it in the future as a teacher.

*bird sounds*

when we started our embodying ecoliteracy project i really became aware of my own actions relating to plastic. i started wondering how my plastic usage today affects my tomorrow. after some research i found that not only does my plastic usage affect my own tomorrow, but the tomorrow of generations to come.

*bird sounds*

not only did this project get me thinking about my ecoliteracy embodiment, but it helped me with my understanding of inquiry

*bird sounds*

after 2 years as a health major, i spent a lot of time learning about inquiry since the health curriculum is inquiry based. despite learning about it for so long this class was the first time i experienced inquiry learning myself. this new experience gave me a better understanding of inquiry and what it means for the student

*bird sounds*

coming into this class with a blank and white mindset or one right answer gave me a shock i never knew what inquiry was like for students and that alone was a game changer. i did know that taking students outside to do work always helps but bringing the 2 together makes a big difference. as new teachers there is a lot expected from us, people are upset that the school system hasnt changed in 100 years but we still have to educate students not to mention working with the fear that comes along with change. looking back at how this class has changed my view of inquiry based learning i believe it is the best way to make the change in schools

*bird sounds*

throughout this course we discussed what environment, nature and wilderness meant to us as well as how we connected to it. personally i consider them very similar and connect best when i make my own memories in a certain area. Kimmerer let me know that there is different ways of connecting to the environment. Meanwhile in Silverbells it was a reminder that there is more to nature than scientific names. Finally Before the Flood was a reminder that we need to take care of our environment

*bird sounds*

in the end this class pushed me outside my comfort zone and expanded my worldview. it was an interesting experience and i hope to take some of my learnings and use them in my teaching career i also hope to continue some of the practices i started to help the environment and have them rub off onto some people around me. in the end this class was an interesting experience.

*bird sounds*


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