Becoming a Better Citizen

To become a better, more active citizen I was able to find a bunch of things that would not only make me feel better but to help the community even if its just a small act. However it would be unrealistic to do them all at once continuously, such as volunteering every week while working 2 jobs and being a full time student. However trying to do so just once in the semester is a more realistic goal. So for every week im going to try to do something to either improve myself or help the community.


So far my list includes:

Starting with me

  • Organize my life, using agenda
  • Start a form of Meditation
  • finding a routine
  • Eat healthier
  • Try something new (activity/food/etc)
  • Get ahead on school work


Giving Back

  • Try to donate blood
  • Talk to my family (not for food or money)
  • Catch up with current events
  • Donate something somewhere at least once
  • Volunteer at least once before the end of the semester.


As the semester goes on or as I complete some of these tasks i hope to find others i can do or to expand on some of the ones that I have. Overall my goal has 2 parts: Improve my well being and use that improvement to give back to the community.


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