Implementing My Plan – Organization

This week has been busy with classes and assignments picking up and I figured it was the best time to organize myself using a planner, homework lists and other organizational systems. I have found using a day planner and homework list works the best for my needs and keeps me on track more than a checklist or calendar. Not only has my planning been focused on school and work, but also includes cleaning and meal plans to help with lifestyle and environment. (In turn improving my mental well-being).

So far my cleaning schedule has worked out fairly well and keeps my study environment clean (which isnt usual for me) and has make homework a little more tolerable. My agenda had a rough start so a changed it up in hopes of improving it for next week and so on. Instead of having just the due dates for assignments I plan on having days that I hope to finish the assignment while allowing a day or two before the actual due date.

I have also planned ahead with my commitment and tried to have one focus each week, alternating between self and community focus. I have planned for eleven weeks and left a couple open for changes or more ideas. I have tried to start with simple tasks that will ease into a routine as the semester goes on. Currently my draft looks similar to this:

One Organize short term future (agenda) Fill out (and use!) an agenda that includes assignments, work and other events. Make a schedule to follow at home, setting aside time to eat, do school work and take a mental break at specific times.
Two Talk to family (no food/money) Call Mom, Dad, brothers, Grandma and/or Grandpa. Catch-up on home events/ what they are doing or where they are going. Let them know what’s going on with school and in the city.
Three Start a form of meditation Try out some different style of meditation to see what one works best. (Listening to music, period of mindfulness) start testing before this week and pick one and put into place this week.
Four Catch up and stay caught up with current events Get a News app?
Five Finding a routine Relating to Weeks three and one, make sure i have found and continue a routine
Six Donate something Look into food bank or other places to donate around the city or my own home community.
Seven Eat healthier
Eight Volunteer
Nine Try something New
Ten Give Blood
Eleven Get ahead on school work

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