Reaching Out to My Family – Community Engagement Week Two

This week was dedicated to reaching out to build stronger connections with my family. I have never really had a bad relationship with them but once I moved out and started my University career I haven’t talked to them as much as I should. On the 27th my brother reached out to me through snapchat to have a short talk. He was between classes and out chat didn’t last long before he had to go back to class. However as the end of his busy day I gave him a call to find out events going on in his life (these are not my things to share but I was glad he shared them with me).

I also got a chance to visit with my grandma an catch up with her. Not too long ago I built a strong bond with her but as life changed that bond fell apart slowly. It was nice being able to talk to her again and see how she has been doing. This week I have found out that talking to my family is almost therapeutic, although this might be caused by not being in constant communication with them. Like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


*Update, I found out that I had hit the Save Draft button instead of the publish button. Shows how skilled I am at technology.


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