Weeks Three and Four – Meditation and Current Events

So last week school and work picked up and I was tossed into the vortex of a busy lifestyle that I was able to escape over summer. Using this week to find a meditation strategy didn’t work out. However over the fourth week I’m finding a type of meditation before bed where I leave all electronics in a different room and I spend some time being mindful. This form of meditation transfers over into the morning as I don’t have access to electronics and I can be mindful once again.

When it comes to current events I have downloaded the CTV news app and have it set to send a reminder for the top news stories of the day every evening. I feel a sense of comfort knowing more about what is happening in the world around me, even if it’t not always a positive thing. Not only are there News events from around the world but also Local where I can see what’s happening right here at home, or in other major cities across Canada.


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