Weeks Five and Six – Way off Track

These last two weeks I have gone way off track, as in I built a rocket and flew off the planet to get off track.

That’s what I thought it first anyways.. Now I realized that I was still practicing engaged citizenship even if it wasn’t what I had in mind. Originally for these couple of weeks I wanted to donate something and find a routine. Sadly my routine never stuck and everything I tried to put into place fell through the day after if not the day of. That was when I learned that I am already a creature of habit with a method to my own madness. I learned that instead of forcing myself to follow a routine that stressed me out more than not having one is not a good thing to do to myself.

My other goal of donating something was meant to donate to the food bank or salvation army to support families in the community. However, I don’t have much to give. This was also the same week I had a friend who didn’t have enough time on their hands. I took this opportunity to donate my time. Here I found out that it’s almost better to donate your time to someone and spend time together than to donate materials to a company that you assume will pass it on to someone who really needs it. This time spent together built the relationship and made me feel better about helping a friend in need.


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