Teaching Philosophy Post Pre-Internship

Going into my pre-internship I thought that I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. Thanks to my experiences and support from the UofR Education Faculty I was well prepared and ready to give students a learning experience they would never forget! This idea was shot down quickly, and while I was able to hold my own, teaching wasn’t exactly how I thought it was going to be, but was even better and more rewarding.

When asked what I was going to be a teacher for I would have responded with confidence, “To watch students have that ah-ha moment. See their faces when they finally understood a concept.” If I was asked the same question today, it wouldn’t be the same answer. Instead it would be along the lines of, “Building relationships with students and watching them get excited about learning.” There is no question that watching students reach that Ah-ha moment is still wonderful, but having those everyday interactions and lessons that students look forward to is why I’m excited to go back teaching every day.

Having students reach this level of excitement involves some step that put a little more pressure on the teacher. Everything from your hook to the assessment has to be expanded and detailed. Find something that will interest your students and relate it into an outcome. Give them choices on how they will proceed and provide feedback as they work on their assignments. Let them know it’s okay to be wrong and that you will learn more than if you did it right the first time. As soon as a student feels safe in the classroom they will start to open up and enjoy the learning experience.


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